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مشاريع قام بإنجازها المهندس أحمد التريسي

يمكنك مشاهدة نماذج من لوحات الشوب دروينج التي قام بإعدادها وأيضا يمكنك تحميلها بصيغة PDF عالية الجودة


مشاريع تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج أوتوكاد

autoCAD Structural Detailing

مشاريع تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج أوتوكاد إستراكشر

Tekla Structures - CIP

مشاريع من الخرسانة المصبوبة في الموقع تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج تكلا

Tekla Structures - precast

مشاريع من الخرسانة سابقة الصب تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج تكلا

Transportation Bridges

مشاريع كباري سيارات تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج أوتوكاد

Pedestrian Bridges

مشاريع كباري مشاة تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج أوتوكاد

Box Culverts

مشاريع برابخ مربعة تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج ASD

Pipe Culverts

مشاريع برابخ دائرية تم عمل شوب دروينج لها على برنامج ASD

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آراء مدراء وزملاء المهندس أحمد التريسي

يمكنك الدخول إلى صفحة المهندس أحمد على “لينكد إن” وستجد جميع الآراء في قسم التوصيات

مهندس محمود الديب

Eng. Ahmed one of the most commitment and self-learning engineer who keeping on invest in himself and help and share his experience and knowledge with other such as (students and young engineers) through simplified style in explanation in courses and lectures (online& offline) . so, I recommend Eng. Ahmed in any working and training in the future . I hope to you more of success in your life

دكتور حاتم البحيري

Ahmed used to work in our consulting office "BCE" for a long time, through this time Ahmed was considered as one of the pillars in our office. He was very supportive in the Civil Engineering department, and especially in the field of workshop drawings. He used to be in charge of complete projects by himself. He was very cooperative with his team members. I could categorize him as a highly efficient and productive personal

مهندس أحمد السيد عوض

Eng. Ahmed El- Tresy is one of the distinguished engineers in the field. I worked with him on several indirect projects, and the quality of his final products was remarkable. Finally, I look forward to working with him again and I advise everyone to follow him on his youtube channel or on the Udemy site and watch his videos

مهندس أحمد عرفات

I have worked with El-Tresy for a year in multiple projects. He had a very organized mind and his work pace was very steady. Not only he has acquired all the required skills for carrying out tasks, but he improved the workflow and increased the quality of the final product. He is very active in pursuing, acquiring and delivering knowledge and I have learned a lot from him

دكتور إيهاب الأجهوري

Eng. Ahmed is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well organized Engineer with very good experience in concrete shopdrawing. I highly recommend him

دكتور عمر نوفل

Tresy is one of the best instructors in the Egyptian Market. I like how organized and fancy tutorials he offer

مهندس محمد عادل

A very committed and professional engineer, especially in structural shop drawings. Using modern technologies in his work. professional user of BIM tools, Tekla structure, AutoCAD structural detailing and more

مهندس خالد أبو السعود

Ahmed El-Tresy is a professional BIM engineer with very high potential and capabilities in workshop drawings and has loaded experience in a large variety of mega scale projects (High-rise buildings, bridges,Tunnels.... etc)

مهندس محمد جمال

EL-Tresy has a huge knowledge about how to make a professional work shop drawings. He is well organized, passionate and very professional. I considered him as one of the best in this field

مهندس مراد أبو حمدان

Eng. Ahmed EL-Tresy is a strong and capable lecturer (tekla and design structure). I have learned Tekla by eng Ahmed EL Tresy, I never encountered problem learning on Tekla. he have a enjoy way learning

مهندس أحمد حجازي

Tresy is one of the most discipline partner I have ever work with in addition to his passion and deep understanding of his work specially in shop drawing preparation

مهندس محمد صقر

I am more than pleased to recommend (ahmed eltresy) as professional BIM engineer and instructor for shopdrawing courses and as a friend too

مهندس أحمد بدر

Ahmed is a professional civil engineer especially in the shop drawing department and construction management

مهندس عمر زاهر

Eng. Ahmed is has a great experience in shop drawings using programs like ASD and Tekla structure. He is specialized in Tekla

مهندس محمود إبراهيم

فيديوهاتك ممتازه وشرح بسيط وسلس و بالتوفيق من نجاح لنجاح ان شاء الله يا هندسة

مهندس أحمد عزت

Ahmed is a very successful hard working engineer with a great future ahead of him

مهندس أحمد سامي

Eng.Ahmed is one of the most experienced and well-organized shop drawing engineers I have ever worked with. I have worked with him at Hatem Hassan's Office and he has a very powerful potentials. so, I recommend Eng.Ahmed in any working and training in the future. I hope to you all the best in your life

مهندس أحمد سعد

م احمد من المهندسين المتميزين علما وخلقا وتشرفت باني عرفته وعملت معه واتمنى له دائم التوفيق والنجاح